Thank you very much for visiting our site.  We hope you are as excited as we are about the 2017 Christmas season especially since we had so many new items this year.  The good feedback we received early this year from our customers will hopefully help people with their Christmas decorations with new and some really nice Christmas decorations from WillowBrooks.  Please feel free to browse through our website and you can also login/register to see more of our products with prices and you can even place your orders online.

Golden Touch Series

The Golden Touch Series is one of the first category we introduced. It has a very classic look that does not fade with time and brings out both the old and new feeling for the items.

This year we introduced a new gold metallic color to this category that included reindeers and candle holders. We debuted those items on the trade shows earlier this year and we hope they will be successful this coming season.

We will keep improving and developing new items and new colors for the Golden Touch Series because this line has such an impact on the eye and brings a lot of joy to create and make.


  • Winter Holly

  • Classic Christmas

  • First Snow Series

  • Christmas Star